finding the audience's GS7 spot


he international technical giant Samsung has a lot to offer to it's customers. And in order to reach all the potential new fans and deliver the best products to the tech-geeks, Samsung relies heavily on strong digital marketing campaigns both worldwide and locally.

The Goals:

  • Create a buzz around the new Galaxy S7
  • Mass customers for the pre-launch campaign

The easy part

  • Samsung's presence on the market is already huge.
  • We have a few tech geeks who can help understand the audience
  • We are not alone - the client is invested and willing to cooperate.

The hard part

  • Very tough audience aside from the fans
  • Constant battles with the competition

The Solution

The best way you can promote a physical product is by making people review it. More than ever this applies to smartphones. We decided to invest heavily into regional and world-famous bloggers and reviewers. Their firsthand experience would become the starting point for our future social media and context ad campaigns.

A good review not only draws the customer's attention, but entices readers into buying the product. Thanks to this, we were able to boost the sales graphs for the launch trimester, as well.

The market is constantly growing with new competitors arising. It was important to maintain a solid social presence, that's why we never stopped talking about GS7 on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The fans know what they want and will judge each and every word and image. We completed a survey of the target audience to find out the best way to catch their interest. Knowing what to highlight and showcase, we managed to get the most out of social media. Samsung's website now had the attention of both their fans and new customers alike.

The tools used

The client ended up with a big chunk on the local market and a skyrocketed sales graph. Working with several


The Results

With the huge influence from the reviews and by choosing the right tone in the social conversations, we managed to hit the highest CTR in the launch trimester.

Let us do the work and savour the results

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