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We approach each and every client differently based on their goals and needs. This is why it is impossible to provide unified guarantees, although we will provide you with an estimate growth you can expect within certain time frames.
Yes, you are able to cancel an active Plan, however, this will only stop the next recurrent payment, if any. A canceled subscription does not yield a refund.
We know it’s important, that’s why we protect your personal data using secure socket layer technology (SSL). All sensitive and Personally Identifiable information is stored on physical servers. More information on this is available in our Privacy Policy.
At RockAd we use the most efficient ways to promote your website and business. In many cases this will involve configuring your website from within or creating campaigns from your dedicated Social Media pages. All of this requires access to the chosen platform. If you have any questions on how we handle and store your sensitive data, you can read about it in the Privacy Policy.
We accept payment made via PayPal and credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, AmEx).
It is impossible to change the initial website once the Order is complete. Each website you want to promote will require a separate Order. This ensures there is no mixup in the reports or business goals.
We understand that things sometimes happen; that’s why we allow up to 5 business days of payment delay before we even think about cancelling a subscription.
You can request an upgrade of your package at any moment, however, the changes will take effect only at the start of the next month.

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