a stylish marketing campaign


oncler is easily one of the world's biggest and most known clothing brands.With most of it's customers coming in from Japan and the US, the company wanted to expand more in Western Europe.

The Goals:

  • Convert leads to customers
  • Increase Sales

The easy part

  • The audience is massive and easily found in nearly every country.
  • The brand is widely known and doesn’t require building awareness.
  • The designers had as many visuals to work with as they wanted

The hard part

  • The competition is stiff.
  • The price tags are rather big and the brand targets a higher-income audience.

The Solution

There are several ways to reach a new audience. We decided to take the "classic" approach and started with Search Engines. By choosing "Ranking" as the goal of our SEO strategy we aimed to the highest positioning in search.

Additionally, we worked on link building to maximize the efficiency of our "ranking campaign". This included adding both internal and external links, and trying to get as many high-authority pages to link to us as possible.

Having new customers is great. Keeping the existing ones is both cheaper and yields more sales. With this is mind we decided to launch an email marketing campaign to bring back previous buyers.

It was important to keep a friendly tone and focus on the values of the brand: quality and exclusiveness. With our copywriters working directly with the client, we managed to exceed all expectations. Customer retention rate has grown by 29% with over 1/4 emails resulting in a returning buyer.

The tools used

The client ended up with a big chunk on the local market and a skyrocketed sales graph. Working with several


The Results

The multi-channel campaign that lasted for over 6 months resulted in a massive new audience segment, as well as a whooping 23.87% growth in website traffic for Western Europe and the UK in particular.

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